Fight Against Spam Comments

You’ve written a nice blog post and then some spam bot or some human sitting there spamming sites like yours and it looks terrible and off-putting for your legit site readers. You’re then scratching your head and thinking how to stop it.

Why do people spam my blog post comments?

The whole reason why spammers leave annoying comments on blogs is to link back to their own websites, so they can rank higher in the search results and get more traffic. Basically, people that are shamelessly and shadily promoting their websites.

Best thing to do is not allow people posting their links in your comments. So in this blog post I will tell you how to do it. Login to your WordPress admin area, then Settings > Discussions. Scroll down to the comment moderation, then add some keywords ( one per line ). If you get the same spammer with the same IP or name, you can add those too. If any keywords you added to the list get used, then it will notify you to review the comment to approve or decline.

What plugins are best to help?

  1. Akismet.
  2. Anti-Spam Bee.

We use the Anti-Spam Bee plugin on our website, the settings are straight forward and easy to understand, you can also enable the dashboard widget so you can see how many comments it has blocked. It can also delete annoying unwanted comments automatically after a day or two. The best thing is that, the plugin is free of charge, ad-free and 100% GDPR compliant.

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