New Website

I have been working on the new website for a few weeks, as a company we’re going up market and offering managed WordPress hosting, costs more than traditional shared hosting. But comes with array of features.

New WordPress Plans

We have dumped cPanel, not just because of the price rises, we had this planned for about a year, but the price rise really put the final nail in the coffin. We have done a client survey and over 95% said they wouldn’t be fussed if cPanel wasn’t offered. 

The Features

  1. Isolated containers ( Not shared )
  2. Our QuickFix Support is included.
  3. FREE SSL Setup & Secure service included.
  4. FREE Site Migration to our platform included.
  5. FREE Malware Removal ( If your site gets malware while on our platform )

We are now transitioning over to container-based hosting, although clients will be sharing the same host IP, this isn’t classed as shared hosting. Each WordPress site will be isolated with its own web stack ( Nginx, PHP and MYSQL ) and limited by storage, cpu and ram. We will NOT limit site visitors like our competitors do.

New Email Hosting

We will provide email services as a stand-alone service, with a generouse 10 GB Mailbox storage. You must be hosting your WordPress site with us to use the service and we will grandfather existing clients, who used email into the service FREE.

New DDoS Protection

As we’ve always have, offered 5 Gbit/s DDoS protection included, we will be adding in the late autumn as an add-on service, a 100 Gbit/s protection plan. More news on this when it has launched.

Until the next blog post, thanks for reading.

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