Sending WordPress Emails?


Sending WordPress Emails Have you got problems with sending emails from your WordPress site? You may like to use a SMTP server, which can offer improved reliability and deliverability. Some WordPress hosting providers, like us here at Chkserv, we don’t provide a SMTP server. Why you may ask? We are experts in WordPress, not email […]

WordPress 5.4 Has Arrived


WordPress 5.4 Has Arrived A new WordPress version has just been released, with some new changes. It will be the first major release of the year and will ship with some significant improvements. Full Screen Mode When editing using the Gutenberg editor, it will default to full screen mode. This will mean the sidebar and […]

Fight Against Spam Comments


Fight Against Spam Comments You’ve written a nice blog post and then some spam bot or some human sitting there spamming sites like yours and it looks terrible and off-putting for your legit site readers. You’re then scratching your head and thinking how to stop it. Why do people spam my blog post comments? The […]

Is your WordPress hacked and redirecting?


Is your WordPress hacked and redirecting? Is your WordPress hacked and redirecting to a malicious website every time you try to visit it? If so then you are dealing with a WordPress infection. This is not a good situation to be in and can affect and destroy your SEO rankings using black hat tactics. If […]