Why Don’t We Include Email?

Choosing a suitable web hosting service can be daunting. The differences in hosting can appear to be minimal, but in our case (and many others) there are fundamental differences that should be taken into consideration before deciding on a package. Managed WordPress hosting don’t normally include email with their packages.

At Chkserv, we’re a managed WordPress hosting provider, which means we only host WordPress sites. We look after the web-stack, hardware and network, we can also fix small issues on your website without extra charge. This can include, but not limited too; Update Issues, White Screen Error, Unable to login to WordPress, Add a CAPTCHA to prevent spam and much more.

Is it worth the extra cost?

We believe so, as if you use a cheap hosting provider, their support will be limited to network and hardware, and will force you to use a third party company to fix any WordPress issues, which can be £20 to £40 per issue fix. With a managed provider like Chkserv, we include it — also we include Malware Removal, which can cost a lot on its own at some companies.


Take a look at our managed WordPress hosting on LXD containers.

So, Why isn't email included?

If your business depends on email, do not use free email hosting. That’s just stupid. At Chkserv, we offer a separate service for email hosting, so if your website goes down, then your emails will still function and vice versa.

Managed WordPress hosting providers, who only work with WordPress, are experts in that area. The servers have only got web stacks installed to keep it stable and lightweight for WordPress. It would be a terrible idea to bundle your hosting and email together on the same server, If One Goes Down, It All Goes Down. This could lead to a potential loss of business and revenue.

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