Sending WordPress Emails

Have you got problems with sending emails from your WordPress site? You may like to use a SMTP server, which can offer improved reliability and deliverability. Some WordPress hosting providers, like us here at Chkserv, we don’t provide a SMTP server. Why you may ask? We are experts in WordPress, not email servers.

By default, WordPress sends emails such as password resets via PHP mail, which leads to all kinds of problems. Using a dedicated SMTP server means your site can send emails more reliably and those emails are less likely to end up in users’ spam folders.


Hire us to fix any small WordPress issues.

Some FREE mail servers you can use

  1. Gmail SMTP Server ( 500 Emails Per Day )
  2. SendGrid ( 100 )
  3. Pepipost ( 100)
  4. Sendinblue ( 300 )
  5. Mailjet ( 200 )
  6. Elastic Email ( 100 )

Gmail also has the most intensive setup process and not for the faint-hearted. For easy setup, Sendinblue or Mailjet would be the ones to pick. If you don’t mind spending money on your email server, then Gsuites from Google would be our choice.