Malware Removal

Helping Individuals & Businesses Protect & Clean Their Websites.


Same-Day Service

We can get to work in as little as 30 minutes. Let's clean your infected WordPress site.

Improve SEO Rankings

Search engines, such as Google hate infected and slow websites due to hackers.

Hacked Sites

80,000 WordPress sites get hacked each day. This is due to poor site maintenance.

Malware Removal

For WordPress Sites.

  • Backup Website
  • Remove Infected Files
  • Security Enhancements
  • Clean Infected Database Tables
  • Update Core, Plugins & Active Theme
  • Remove All Inactive Themes & Plugins
  • Remove Domain From Blacklists ( If Needed )


Per WordPress Site


It depends on how serious the hack was, we aim to get your site back to normal same day.

It’s a common misconception that hosting providers offer security for each individual sites they host. However, your web host only protects the server and network, not the website itself. Think of it like securing an apartment building. Property management takes responsibility for securing the building, but each tenant must lock the door to their own apartment.

Yes, Our Malware Removal Service has 10% discount for each additional site, which applies from the 5th website. Contact us to place your custom order.

Yes. Our services are available to anyone with a WordPress site. You are not required to host your site at Chkserv.

Yes, we are familiar with the platform and the hosting environment it requires.

Yes, we provide a 10 day After-Care service, this means if your WordPress site is re-infected with malware in that time, we will re-clean it for FREE.

No contracts. Our services are pay as you need.