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Need help removing WordPress malware?

Malware Removal

When a website gets infected with malware, it could freeze, slow down or possibly redirect your site visitors to a more harmful website. All this could mean potential loss in business and can affect your SEO rankings. We will check the entire file structure of your WordPress site and remove / repair infected files and database tables. We will check for vulnerability and also check the file and folder permissions. No monthly subscriptions.


Per Website

Security Audit

Check for vulnerability

Malware Removal

Malicious code & links in pages

Database Cleanup

Malicious code in database tables

Harden Security

Secure your WordPress

Software Upgrade

Core files, theme & plugins

Unlimited Pages

No limit on WordPress pages

Blacklist Removal

Remove your site from blacklists


Malware is a script that has been designed to breach, disrupt, and damage your website. They come in all shapes and sizes, they can also affect your SEO rankings, if the malware hasn’t been cleaned.

There are some common signs of a hacked website, such as;

  • Unnecessary pop-ups showing.
  • Your website redirects to another spammy site.
  • Displaying unwanted content.
  • Header and footer was changed.
  • Your website looks different.
  • New files added, which shouldn’t be there.
  • Your website is blacklisted by Google.
  • Your hosting provider have suspended you.

If you’re facing any of these, then it can’t be ignored and needs to be addressed. 

For the FREE Audit, we just need your website domain.

For any work to be carried out, we’ll need your WordPress admin logins, FTP and database logins. You can create a new admin user for us, so we can work on your site.

The security audit checks for vulnerability in themes, plugins and analyse any mis-configurations within your WordPress install.

Yes, we will secure your site to help protect from future attacks after we cleaned the malware infected files and database tables.

Most hacks are commonly caused by security holes found in themes and plugins, due to lack of updating. If a plugin hasn’t been updated by the developer for over a year, then find an alternative plugin.

Yes. Our WordPress support team can help with most hosting providers. You’re not required to host your site at Chkserv.

Our work is guaranteed for 3 months, only if our recommendations are followed.