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Since 2010, WordPress enthusiasts and businesses have relied on our services to host their websites; from bloggers, media companies to eCommerce sites. Our hosting platform uses container technology and fine-tuned to deliver maximum speed, uptime, security and reliability.

We’re proud to be a fully self funded, financially stable and debt-free company, and have built this business from the ground up. This was so that we could be in full control of the business. Our in-house dedicated WordPress experts can provide professional services, so you can sit back and get on with your day.

Our clients benefit by using the Cloudflare network, their DDoS Protection, global CDN and providing high network speeds due to carrier diversity and high bandwidth links. Everything we do is built for the cloud, offering fast, on-demand deployment for our clients. Chkserv has proven over the years in customer satisfaction and reliability.

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We're A UK Company

We’re based in the UK, as are all of our servers, which means you’ll be getting the fastest possible response times for your website.

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We spend whatever’s needed and reinvest our profits back in to the company, so we can offer a premium level service to our clients.