About Chkserv

Chkserv Security was the original name, offering WordPress security back in Febuary 2016. Darren acquired the company in October 2017 and re-branded it to just Chkserv. At the same time, created a sub brand ChkAid.

Some of our Torpix clients had out-grown shared hosting and the limitations it comes with, so they needed managed WordPress hosting. To achieve this, back in October 2017, Darren used the new branding and started offering WordPress managed hosting.

Darren has been offering cPanel hosting to small businesses and WordPress enthusiasts since 2011 – via the Torpix brand, he then decided to merge it under Chkserv.


Darren Cain

Founder & CEO

Darren has been in the industry since 2011, with a vision to provide excellent customer service, server uptime and stability.

Hosting WordPress

Chkserv host a lot of WordPress sites. It’s an awesome platform to work with and very easy to manage and build lovely websites.

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes and plugins to choose.

Why Chkserv?

The hosting industry is very saturated, with many fly-by night providers who offer crazy offers and disappear overnight.

We only use quality networks and hardware for our servers. Offering affordable hosting and WordPress support service.

Our Brands

Founded: March 2007

Acquired: Febuary 2016

Founded: June 2011

Acquired: October 2017

Merged With Chkserv Hosting

Founded: Oct 2017

Founded: July 2018


Our Clients