Affiliate Referral Tracking

Now referral traffic is logged and recorded to allow you to see where referrals are coming from and trends in the volume of referrals over time.


WordPress Slow?

Read this post if you believe your WordPress site is sluggish and how to fix it…


Configure FileZilla

FileZilla FTP Client is a software that will help you fetch/download the files from your website or server.


Keeping Everything Secure

You wouldn’t leave your car keys in an easy place to be stolen… So why not secure your website from hackers?


WordPress is at the top

We have discovered the usage of content management systems in the last 5 years. WordPress has the highest share.

Chrome to label HTTP sites as ‘not secure’

Chrome will start labelling all plain HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ in July 2018.


WordPress 5.0 Coming Soon

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform to date, used by 30% of websites online. Updated frequently to fix bugs and provide security patches. WordPress wants to provide more customisation.

Website Refresh

We have refreshed our website…..


New Service

We’re about to launch a new WordPress hosting service….